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Integrated Solution

Imagine a phone system that can work with a desk phone, in your smartphone and even in your laptop. Or all together for the best integrated solution. 

Low cost

The lower rates in the market for domestic and international calls. With different minutes' packages, you can just pay for your regular usage, and can always go up and down, depending on your evolving business

Professional look

With features as auto attendant, that can pick up calls from your clients, and let them choose between different options to have their calls redirected as needed, you can have a much more professional look

Desk Phones

Choose from a variety of models to fit all your needs and your employees.
From the most simple versions to the most sophisticated, big color screens, you can mix and match different ones


You can manage when you want the incoming calls to go to voicemail, by time of the day, or simply changing your status. Then you can hear your voicemails in your mobile app, and even receive them attached to your email as well


Receive and send SMS from your commercial line numbers

Conference Calls and Meetings

Setup calls for several people with just a couple of clicks, or go even further, and make it a video conference from your laptop or cell phone

Cloud PBX

Our system is based on a state of the art cloud PBX.  Depending on your needs, this could be shared tenancy or dedicated.
So no need to run extra cables in the office. Just connect the desk phones to the network, and you are good to go.
Even if you have more than one location, all phones can work together, and calls between extensions doesn't count toward your minutes