Are you prepared for a catastrophic situation?

Catastrophic events can and will occur at one point in time. 
When disaster strikes you, the main concern is how quickly you can get your critical data and systems up and running again.
The real question is: Are you prepared? Do you have the systems and security in place that let you sleep at night? If the answer is no, or I'm not sure, let us take a look, and we'll let you know.

Security Sytems

These are some of those systems that we use to design the best cost effective security enviroment 
Network Security
Best in class routers, firewalls and other network devices to tight close tour infrastructure to cyber attacks
It is very important to deploy a good corporate level antivirus solution. Each computer on your network should be protected
Hybrid Backup
Onsite Backup + OffSite (cloud) Backup
An improperly designed strategy can result in days of downtime and possibly months, even permanent data loss. A correctly designed strategy can have you up and running again in minutes even in the most catastrophic situation.
Business Continuity
 Do you have a server on site so crucial that without it your business have to shut down? Then you need special imaging protection, that allow you to setup a virtual environment to keep you running, while the server is restored or replaced
Similar to Business Continuity but for personal computers. This is for that workstation that is so important and time consuming to reinstall and configure all software. Instead grab your last image and you can be up and running in minutes
File Backup and Collaboration
Each workstation has a software that allows you to backup files in real time, and even collaborate with other peers inside or outside the business